Model Train Car Cards and Envelopes

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I use to create Model Railroad Car Cards and Envelopes.  Below, please see samples of product.  Car cards print on both sides for four position use.   I can print 12 to a page which can then be cut out and placed in envelopes.    The envelopes print 5 to a page and can be cut out, folded and taped shut to receive Car Cards.   All you need to do is supply the information, on an Excel spreadsheet, you want on the cards, email me the file, (, I will print them and mail them to your address.  I can email you the proper Excel spreadsheet to fill in your information.   You MUST have Excel on you computer already to use.

The cost for the project is $1.00 per with envelope, to cover ink and paper(Plus Postage).

I use heavy weight paper and can put a color at the top of the envelope to designate car type.  Grey for tankers, brown for cattle cars, etc.

Way bills can also be printed with each town having its own color.

Click on the pictures below to get a better view.   Wayne

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