My Life as a Model Railroader Like so many, started when I received my first HO scale train set for my 12th Christmas.  I don’t remember much about my early layouts, back then none of my family or friends were interested in my trains.   It wasn’t until I got my first job/paycheck that things started to happen.  It was 1962 and Westerns were big on television.  For the next 50 years, due to many moves, I built several DC layouts of various sizes depending on space available, all with the 1870’s in mind.  From 4 x 8 sheets of plywood to 6 ft. by 18 ft. open grid.  All were built with several levels, one train per level. Lots of mountains and canyons, even running water. It was not until 2010 that I met some fellow modelers; they came to see my 14’ x 15’(era 1875) layout under my house and suggested I get into ‘operational’ modeling.  After a couple of ‘ops’ sessions at a layout owned by David Loveless of Watsonville, I  was  hooked, and quickly built a DCC switching layout  on one side of my garage, era 1957. Special thanks to Chuck Catania for wiring assistance.  After a couple of operating sessions, (very fun, by the way) I decided to remove my old west layout from under the house and rebuild 1957 in the 17 x 17 space.


You Tube video      https://youtu.be/jVPi__k

Tank Train Click for Video

Bell from 1920’s Locomotive







TULARE  Modesto

Stock Yard


IMG_0429 IMG_0428 IMG_0410 IMG_0407

   IMAG0526 IMAG0525 IMAG0524 IMAG0523 IMAG0522 IMAG0521 IMAG0520 IMAG0519 IMAG0518 IMAG0517 IMAG0516 IMAG0515 IMAG0514 IMAG0513 IMAG0512 IMAG0511 IMAG0510 IMAG0509 IMAG0508 IMAG0507  IMAG0751IMAG0752   IMAG0753 IMAG0812  SONY DSC IMAG0815 SONY DSC




Plumbing Supply

Plumbing Supply 2




Click on the link below, and watch how I rebuilt the Walthers Sicken Tire Co. to be a better backdrop building. http://youtu.be/_R4p7iQqyPU

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  1. Rick Lloyd says:

    I like your use of wall space Very nice layout . Do you use mirrors for special affects
    such as a line continuation that creates the image of depth?

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