My Life as a Model Railroader Like so many, started when I received my first HO scale train set for my 12th Christmas.  I don’t remember much about my early layouts, back then none of my family or friends were interested in my trains.   It wasn’t until I got my first job/paycheck that things started to happen.  It was 1962 and Westerns were big on television.  For the next 50 years, due to many moves, I built several DC layouts of various sizes depending on space available, all with the 1870’s in mind.  From 4 x 8 sheets of plywood to 6 ft. by 18 ft. open grid.  All were built with several levels, one train per level. Lots of mountains and canyons, even running water. It was not until 2010 that I met some fellow modelers; they came to see my 14’ x 15’(era 1875) layout under my house and suggested I get into ‘operational’ modeling.  After a couple of ‘ops’ sessions at a layout owned by David Loveless of Watsonville, I  was  hooked, and quickly built a DCC switching layout  on one side of my garage, era 1957. Special thanks to Chuck Catania for wiring assistance.  After a couple of operating sessions, (very fun, by the way) I decided to remove my old west layout from under the house and rebuild 1957 in the 17 x 17 space.

Bell from 1920’s Locomotive



Stock Yard

IMAG0526 IMAG0525 IMAG0524 IMAG0522                    IMAG0815

Ctrl/Click on the link below, and watch how I rebuilt the Walthers Sicken Tire Co. to be a better backdrop building. http://youtu.be/_R4p7iQqyPU

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