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On the bar above, there are several headings, Home, Family, Hobbies, etc.  Each of these has a theme, and will be updated frequently.  Explore, and I hope, enjoy.   Leave comments, and corrective suggestions.    I will do my best to keep it interesting.     Hope you enjoy.

Special thanks to Grandson Josh Salazar for helping me with techy stuff.  You can find him on his own site:  http://joshuajaysalazar.com/ .   He is a classical guitarist and music major. You can also sign up for online Guitar lessons.


Josh graduated Magna Cum Laude from Belmont College in Tennessee. Continued on and now has his Masters Degree.  Josh is teaching music in Nashville. He continues to write music and has several postings on youtube.

Josh is now a Professor at Vanderbilt College.


Mom'sDay  JoshFinalcanvasGreyscale

Click on the picture below to go to Josh’s website,  http://tangosoundstudios.com/ have a listen.

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